When the Hormones are Restored and Balanced, Expect:

Increased collagen synthesis:
• Stronger tendons
• Regrow cartilage in joints
• Stronger blood vessels, which will decrease risk of stroke or aneurysm in brain
• Reduced blood pressure (from calcium chelation effect and improved blood vessel elasticity)

Increased leutinizing hormone, total and free testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1
• Increased muscle strength
• Increased muscle endurance
• Improved quality of sleep
• Reduced cholesterol
• Improved liver function
• Increase in D2 receptor density for faster harder penile erections.
• Increased ejaculate volume
• Increased overall energy levels
• Increase testicular size (to genetic maximum)

Reduced estrogen
• Reduced fat levels, including visceral fat
• Reduced cortisol, which lowers inflammation
• Reduced prostate size, inproved urinary flow and bladder emptying

Secondary effects:
• Body and joints become more pain free over time
• Better outlook on life, able to be more physical.
• General feeling of invincibility

Inventor’s Experience

The Time Machine uses ingredients that have been clinically shown to increase testosterone, growth hormone, lutinizing hormone, and IGF-1, while reducing estradiol. For men in their 50s or beyond, the health benefits are very good. We cannot actually “feel” the movements in the hormones. Hormone levels can be measured by blood test after 2-3 weeks, and this can be used to gauge the effectiveness. The increase in testosterone and growth hormone will increase the rate of maintenance in the body, and the improvements in general body repair can be noticed. The reduction in estradiol normally results in fat loss, and prostate growth reversal for men. For women, they experience fat loss, and an increase in energy and strength. Issues that are associated with estrogen dominance are improved when estradiol is reduced. For both sexes, there is typically a rise in libido. From our experience, the improvement in the hormones profiles happens for everyone in our age group (typically 50+). This seems to be a typical result. Most users (if they were heavy) experience fat loss of around 10-15 lbs in the first 4-6 weeks. Many of our customers gain back their energy levels and decide to go back to the gym and start working our again, thus complementing the Time Machine effect. Getting your energy and endurance back will change the way you think. You will realize that your physical capabilities have improved, which means you can get involved in a wider variety of physical activities, and actually enjoy them.

Younger healthy men (25-35) generally do not get the same level of improvements from the Time Machine.. Since their hormone levels are closer to “optimal”, the effects of the Time Machine are less evident. Of course, the Time Machine will not hurt these people, but the benefits are more muted.

The Time Machine was really designed for older men and women who have experienced a decline in the sex hormones, and are suffering from thatn and through estrogen dominance. This condition is very typical among us older folks, and the Time Machine can really help you get back to normal. How do you know if your estrogen dominant? Here are some signs:

Growing prostate Ovarian or breast cysts
High blood pressure High blood pressure
Erectile difficulties PMS symptoms
Increased fat levels Increase fat levels
Increased visceral fat Endometriosis
Signs of estrogen dominance
Unfortunately, the above describes most aged adults. According to studies, this condition is the result of declining levels of testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1, together with rising estradiol. In the case of women, estradiol could be declining also, but progesterone and testosterone has usually declined so severely, that measuring them can be difficult. Once the balance of those hormones has gone awry, we see the effects of aging. By restoring the hormone profile to closely match that of young adults, we improve health and the quality of life.