Some of our customers, through their invaluable feedback, have become part of the team

Case Studies/Testimonials

Tom Johnson, 49 years old, Lake Elsinore, CA

This is a testimonial from Tom Johnson. Tom started using the Time Machine, and had good strength gains within just 3-4 weeks. His trainer Dean Dexter also noticed his results as well. Both agreed to do this interview, to discuss their findings on the Time Machine. As you can tell from the interview, both were pleasantly surprised by the results and progress of Tom.

Tom also talks about his blood work, and was excited that his liver functions were in line, and his testosterone was up. The documented results are posted below:

Case Study After 4 weeks on Time Machine Previous blood tests
Tom Johnson test results.pdf 8-28-13 12-11-12
Total Testosterone 1427 1266
Free Testosterone 3.18 3.07
Growth Hormone 3.3 u Not tested
IGF-1 107 u 99 u
Estradiol 52
A:G Ratio 2.1 2.4
Bilirubin .7 2 (high)
SGOT/Ast 30 38 (high)
SGTP/Alt 25 37 (high)
Cholesterol 185 203

Discussion: Tom had started TRT and so his testosterone rose from 143 to 1266. Still, the Time Machine boosted him further, to 1427. Growth Hormone at 3.3 u is equivalent to 1100 micrograms, which is normal for a 25 year old man. A normal reading for a 50 year old is around 225 micrograms. IGF-1 has gone up. It is also very interesting to see his liver tests come back to normal, and his cholesterol has been lowered. The A:G ratio has improved to near perfection.

Jerry Burton, 81 years old, Perris, CA

Jerry Burton is an 81 year old retired contractor in Perris, CA. He tried the Time Machine for about 2 weeks, before quitting, citing the flavor (he didn’t like the taste). Jerry then got his blood tests done, as he does every 90 days. Jerry remarked that is doctor told him that his “numbers” looked better than they have for 2 years. Jerry paid an unscheduled visit to our office to tell us that he is going back on the Time Machine, regardless of the flavor. We asked him for copies of the blood tests, so we will be posting that when he delivers it to us.

Leo Ortega, 39 years old, Murrieta, CA

Leo Ortega is a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters in Business Administration. Leo has been very impressed with his increase in muscle strength, and endurance since taking the Time Machine. Leo enjoys tennis and group enduro (motorcycle) riding, which is very strenuous on the body over the course of an entire day. The Time Machine has also enabled Leo to increase his strength in the gym. We documented the strength tests below.

Maximum strength tests 9-15-13 before Time Machine 11-8-13, after Time Machine
Bench press 155 lbs., 2 reps 175 lbs, 1 rep
Horizontal tricep extentions 70 lbs. 4 reps 70 lbs, 8 reps
Cable pull downs 175 lbs, 1 rep 205 lbs., 1 rep.
Lunges 255, 4 reps 345 lbs. 8 reps
Leo XXXX results 10-7-2011 Leo XXXX results 5-30-2012 Leo XXXX results 11-8-2013
Case Study Original blood work After TRT Therapy 6 weeks on Time Machine (No TRT for six months)
Total testosterone 234 (low) 426 368
Free testosterone 38.4 80 65.8
Growth Hormone
IGF-1 180
Estradiol 29 24
A:G Ratio 1.7
Cholesterol 228 202
Progesterone .8
Prolactin 3.5

Discussion: Leo had been diagosed with “Low T” on 10-7-2011. The doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and his testosterone/free testosterone levels rose upwad to 426/80. However, Leo was not comfortable with shutting down his own testicular function as a result of TRT, so he stopped therapy just prior to taking a blood test on 5-30-2013. In October 2013, Leo started taking the Time Machine, and his testosterone rose back upward to 368/65.8. Leo.s IGF-1 levels are very good at 180, since the median for a 40 year old male is 163.5 ng/ml. Cholesterol is down and estradiol is down. It is interesting that the Time Machine is producing free testosterone at a level very close to what TRT was producing. Additionally TRT does not address IGF-1 or estradiol issues the way the Time Machine does. Leo feels much better, and is sticking with the Time Machine. Growth Hormone (GH) was measured on 11-8-2013, but this is tough to measure as the half life is around 20 minutes, and much of GH is pulsed out during the first few hours of REM sleep. The measurement was .1 ng/ml. but this is misleading. Since IGF-1 is quite normal, and triggered by GH, we can assume that GH levels are very normal here. Many doctors don’t measure GH directly because of the tricky timing needed. Instead, IGF-1 has been a reliable marker for GH levels.

Kevin Rafferty, Alia Viejo, CA

Kevin Rafferty took some time from his day to talk to us about his experience with the Time Machine. We filmed this at Hells Kitchen in the Cleveland National Forest, which is a “Biker” friendly restaurant. There were around 40 motorcycles there, so it was a bit noisy. Tom is 59 years old, and is still actively visiting the gym and is trying to stay healthy. His stated improvements are typical of what we have been hearing from customers. Especially in the area of knee pain. He seemed very happy with the Time Machine and his reduction in joint pains, and increase in energy.

Pete Paulson, Menifee, CA

Pete Paulson came to replenish his supply of Time Machine and agreed to comment on his experience. This is unrehearsed and from the heart. Pete started out in the construction business, and after a serious back injury, changed careers to the automotive sales business, managing several stores. Eventually, after several back surgeries, Pete decided to retire early in order to preserve his health and back. At this point, Pete has strong indications of improving health, and is excited about the future.

I have (Louis Carroll) personally known Pete and what he has gone through for over 20 years and I was determined to get him on the Time Machine. I knew it would help him, once I got passed the initial skepticism. Now he’s got a 15 point reduction in blood pressure in less than 3 weeks, he’s about to kick his cholesterol medication and is getting stronger and more fit every day.. I’m, very happy for him, and I know the his future is bright.

Chip Purkey

Chip Purkey, in the comfort of his very nice Class A motorhome talks about his experience with the Time Machine. Shoulder and knee pain was reduced, and heartburn went away. His sleep patterns improved. During this visit, I noticed that his weight had dropped since the last time I saw him, but since Chip didn’t weigh himself, we had no data to verify this, but to me, it looked like he was down 10-15 lbs. Another improvement that Chip noticed was an increase in urinary flow. But Chip didn’t think it would be appropriate to talk about it during the video. Chip has basically been gauging his progress by walking his dog regularly around his place, morning and evening. He says his endurance is up. Chip’s progress is typical of what I have heard from multiple customers using the Time Machine. Other improvements that should be occurring is lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But Chip has not been monitoring these parameters. So again, no hard data in this case, but Chip feels better overall, and is continuing to use the Time Machine.

Email from Steve Gloeckner, Dover, OH

Dear Louis, My name is Steve Gloeckner from Dover, Ohio……..I am 58 years old, and here are the results that I got from using the TIME MACHINE formula………more strength, and more endurance…….I was able to shovel snow for 1 hour without a break this winter season……able to rake heavy wet leaves for an hour and a half without a break…..I’m able to keep up in karate class and prevail over younger opponents, faster recovery after heavy workouts……increased core strength….Thank you !

Tim Dexter, age 42, Canyon Lake, CA

Discussion. Tim Dexter had started using the Time Machine and dropped 15 lbs in around 5 weeks. His joint pains diminished and his muscle endurance increased. Tim noticed these differences while training at Jiu Jitsu martial arts. Tim is the brother of professional trainer Dean Dexter shown in the top video above. Dean told Tim about the Time Machine and got him to try it. After getting good results, Tim stopped taking the Time Machine, only to discover that his body was slipping back into his previous state of more pain and less endurance. Tim is now back on the Time Machine and is looking forward to the long term benefits.

Steve Harrison, age 49, Temecula, CA – Month 1

Discussion. We met Steve at a casual lunch in Temecula. Steve had an interest in the Time Machine and was anxious to try it. After his first bottle, Steve is back in the gym, feeling and performing better. As time goes on, the improvements will keep coming, as we explained to Steve. He will find out, as he continues. It’s very exciting for us at LifeKick to see these good results.

Steve Harrison – Month 2

After two (2) months of being on the Time Machine, Steve Harrision came back to report his ongoing progress. He lost 5-6 lbs. and a few inches from his waistline indicating a nice loss of visceral fat. Visually, Steve looks leaner and better. Steve is gaining more strength and his energy and endurance is very high. Below are two pictures taken approximately 30 days apart, showing Steve’s progress. It’s very exciting to see these great results. Steve is augmenting his use of the Time Machine by working out at a gym, and the results are obvious. He has more of a “V” shape and his shoulders are developing.

Month 1

Month 2

Steve Harrison reported back at the end of month 3 to say, his good results are continuing. His arms are getting bigger.

Gary Butler, age 58, Colton, CA

Discussion. I visited with Gary Butler to discuss his experience with the Time Machine. He lost about 45 lbs. This seems to be the result of taking the Time Machine and altering his diet, basically avoiding high glycemic foods, including wheat based products. At age 58, a testosterone reading of 776 is considered high, but it is optimal for health reasons. This was achieved by using a 1/2 dosage of the Time Machine. Later, Gary increased to the recommended dosage and his testosterone levels increased to 903 ng/dl

Jeff Frappier, age 60, Wildomar, CA

Discussion. Jeff Frappier has gone about 12 months on the Time Machine, and I have had the pleasure of watching him transform into a younger man. Jeff doesn’t take blood tests, or weigh himself, so I don’t have any hard data. But I know that he is a member of several hiking groups, rides motorcycles, and is actively dating. Jeff has told me that prior to the Time Machine, hiking was hard work. But now, he can take the lead and does not get tired. I remember taking a 30 minute walk with him, down a steep road near the beach (here in California), sightseeing, and walking back up that long steep stretch to our motorcycles. It was the kind of climb that would make your legs burn. He kept up with me just fine. He just agreed to do this interview, and was a bit nervous, but I think he did fine. It’s great to see a man in this age group, having fun, and living as a vibrant healthy person. It certainly makes my work worthwhile. – Louis Carroll