Introduction to the Time Machine

Our challenge was to find a method of restoring the hormones levels in men and women that would be superior to “hormone replacement therapy” (HRT). HRT has it’s risks such as cancer and liver liver damage. HRT also shuts down your bodies natural pathways. In our opinion, HRT represents a very barbaric, unnatural way to restore human hormones.

We wanted our bodies to simply produce their own hormones, perfectly normally, just like it does for young people. We spent several years looking at the rate limiting factors for testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1. We wanted to know what those factors were, on a cellular level. We then studied and experimented with many natural food extracts, herbs and flavinoids, until we found natural ways to help the body restore it’s own hormone production.

A new day is born, enter the Time Machine

We figured it out. We now have a natural product that can restore the hormone levels in aged adults to much younger profiles

LifeKick Time Machine has the ingredients that have been clinically shown to increase testosterone, growth hormone and accordingly IGF-1 in human males, and reduce estradiol. The ingredients in Time Machine have been proven to work in various scientific double blind placebo tests on humans, that are reputable and repeatable. We also have solid blood tests that show the effectiveness of the Time Machine from customers who use this product. The Time Machine represents a fresh new approach to the issues of aging men. Instead of focusing on nutrients, or just one hormone, the Time Machine uses ingredients that address and rebalance multiple hormones, and improves the way the body regulates those hormones. The end result is, a better, more youthful balance. Without divulging too many formula secrets, the mechanisms that we employ involve reducing cellular inflammation and restoring certain enzymes and proteins that are involved in producing our hormones. Many of the natural ingredients that we use work together (synergistically) for an enhanced effect. The ingredients in the Time Machine have been chosen based upon clinical studies that show a profound effect on human hormone production.

We’ve seen increases in testosterone at 300% along with increases in growth hormone at 300%-400%. In the case of a 60 year old male, these increases resemble the levels of a 30 year old male. Additionally, the ingredients in the Time Machine bring elevated estradiol down to around 24 pg/ml. which is more like a young male. These are dramatic movements, and as you can imagine, an aged male with this new hormone profile will feel and perform much better.

Why we do this, and what it means

The problem with aging is that growth hormone, testosterone and IGF-1 decline with age. Accompanying this phenomenon is a cascade of age related disorders that include, weak tendons, thinning cartilage, muscle atrophy, increased body fat including visceral fat, fatigue, low libido, erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, depression, joint pain, heart disease, and other maladies. If the course continues, death is the result at around age 80.

These maladies are generally reversed when growth hormone, testosterone and IGF-1 are restored to optimal levels. Historically, in order to raise these important hormones, the most basic and accepted approach has been to incorporate an exercise program. It has long been known that exercise increases these hormones, and results in better health. However, as the male body ages, the body seems to have a diminished ability to produce ample anabolic hormones in response to exercise. In other words, exercise just doesn’t help as much. It gets harder to recover from it, and the results can be minimal. We know that raising testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1 will greatly increase our strength and vitality, but exercising for it, is hard time consuming work. The sad truth is, the benefits of exercise decrease with age. This is evident in aging males where we typically see higher levels of lutinizing hormone, coupled with low testosterone. This indicates that the hypothalamus and pituitary are signalling to raise testosterone, but the testicular leydig cells are not responding. They are said to be “resistant” to lutinizing hormone. Certain ingredients in the Time Machine address this issue and have been shown to enable proper response of aged leydig cells to lutinizing hormone. Other ingredients allow the pituitary to produce growth hormone at optimal youthful levels when it’s needed. The body can still regulate it’s own hormones with this method..

The end goal is to significantly increase human lifespan and the quality of life. Currently the top three killers are heart disease, cancer and dementia. All three of these maladies are linked to the decline in testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1, in addition to rising estradiol. It makes sense that if we restore those hormones to their optimal levels, and preserve a youthful balance, we should be able to reduce our risk of death by these three killers. And then, how long can we live? Can we live to age 120, maybe 150? By adopting the Time Machine into your life, you have a chance to find out. This will be interesting indeed.